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  Year in Review
Last year is a significant year full of honor and prosperity to ECEC’s 1400+ employees. In 2014, ECEC concluded 223 new contracts covering consulting, feasibility study, engineering and design, and EPC services, and in this year, following major turnkey projects are under execution or newly awarded to ECEC.

1200kt/a Potassium Fertilizer Project in Republic of Congo
680kt/a Coal Based New Material, China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd.
5400kt/a (Phase I 1800kt/a) Coal Ploy-generation Project, Yitai Group Co., Ltd.
300kt/a Coal to Glycol Project, Inner Mongolia Connell Chemical Co., Ltd.
200kt/a Coal to Glycol Project, Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
200kt/a Calcium Carbide Furnace Gas to Glycol Project, Xinjiang Tianye Group.
Other significant events include:

ECEC completed the accreditation and obtained credential of National Level Technology Center
ECEC obtained the Comprehensive Class A Credential for Engineering Design
Successful start-up of 12 projects including FMTA plant
Cooperated with domestic university and institute to develop several new technologies
such as Isobutane dehydrogenation to manufacture Isobutylene, PODME, etc.
ECEC’s 50 anniversary celebration
Jointly Hosted “High-end Forum of Precise Development for China Modern Coal Chemical Industry” with China Chemical Information Center
Organized 27 technical seminars for the new technology and new equipment originated from China and abroad
Authorized 8 patents (1 patent for an invention) and 5 proprietary technologies/ equipments


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